About Us

As the second largest apparel manufacturing country of the world, the group’s office in Bangladesh plays an important role in terms of sourcing and design, as well as operational and logistics support, for our customers worldwide.

As the country is rapidly becoming the preferred apparel sourcing destination for a lot of brands and retailers worldwide, our operations here have taken on increased importance. With over 5,000 factories, making this the largest industry of the country, and an experienced workforce, Bangladesh is increasingly attractive to customers from all over the world.

grupokaybee is uniquely positioned to partner its customers, providing them with unique opportunities that allow them to manage and grow their business here the best way. This is facilitated by an experienced and technically qualified team to ensure efficient management production and quality control processes.

The company offers a wide range of products in various segments across all woven, knitted and sweater lines. An experienced quality team further ensures that all shipments pass rigorous quality assurance standards, including any special requirements set by clients.

we have also an garments accessories company. And packaging company. Like garments cartoons packets. Now- a -days those are very important to complete the garments wears. Without these things we can’t export the wears in abroad.