Attributes of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Attributes of a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney is responsible for protecting the rights of different criminals from murderers to drug dealers. If you are charged with driving under the influence (DUI), you will need a criminal defense attorney to handle your case.

DUI laws are complicated, so you have to hire a qualified DUI attorney. An ordinary person may make mistakes in handling these charges. A public defender or private DUI lawyer is necessary for your representation. It is right of each citizen to get the advantage of a fair trial. While selecting a criminal defense attorney, it is essential to choose a qualified person. You can consider these attributes and skills.


A criminal defense attorney should have high integrity. The lawyer should be honest with his/her clients. He is responsible for keeping his client updated about the outcomes of proceedings.

Research Skills

DWI in VAN NUYS CALIFORNIA has to conduct proper research. He has to find precedents and other bearings of the case. An attorney is responsible for research in the suspected crime committed by a client and overlooked circumstances by police.

Negotiation Skills

Several legal cases are settled outside of court. Prosecutors and defense negotiate agreements and take approval of judges on these agreements. The criminal defense should have the ability to make the best deal for his clients.

Demeanor in Courtroom

Courtroom proceedings are prescribed and formal. A criminal defense lawyer must know the time to be theatrical while working in legal settings. The prosecutors or judge should not frighten him.


A criminal defense lawyer should exploit each avenue to defend his/her client. He has to pursue each opportunity to influence the jury and judge in court. If his client gets punishment, he should exhaust each possible appeal.

Good Analytical Skills/Good Knowledge

The criminal defense attorney must have good knowledge of the intricacies of the law. He must have experience of personalities and mannerism of judges who supervise his cases and prosecutors in his opposition.

Strong Communication Skills

The criminal defense attorney must be a strong communicator.

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