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With drive and a spirit of collabration, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.

The innovation and dedication of approximately 600 employees worldwide have made PATEC a recognised specialist for our complete engineering solutions, quality and reliability. At PATEC, we believe in cultivating a culture of excellence, where each and every individual takes pride and responsibilities in their duties. This is characterised by a dynamic work atmosphere, clear directions, direct approaches, and open dialogues.


The success of PATEC depends on our ability to evolve and maximise our core comparative advantage, and the people in PATEC form the basis of this core strength. To extend this ability to cope with ever-changing requirements in the industry, PATEC places significant emphasis on people development on a personal and professional level.


As the sales, development and manufacturing of our products occur in different countries all over the world, we engage a vastly diverse workforce in PATEC. This diversity in nationality, language, culture and geographical location allows us to continuously explore, learn and understand from the wealth in perspectives and ideas. The benefit of this rich and vibrant international community, coupled with various overseas locations for short and long term posting and tour of duties, allows invaluable exposure and experience for both corporate and personal growth.

Be a technology pioneer

Short or long term posting to an overseas PATEC subsidiary or affiliated joint-venture company is an increasingly important part of our systematic personnel development. The opportunity to explore new markets and cultures, as well as gain international exposure, all provide growth possibilities on a personal and professional level.

Skill development

Does a career with clear prospects, in a culture that relentlessly pursue excellence, appeal to you? PATEC offers driven, dedicated and responsible employees exciting opportunities on an international stage. Our employees are the foundation of our success, and your commitment and motivation play an important role in the strengthening of our position as the market leader in process and manufacturing innovation and realizing our goal of becoming the leading company in the metal forming industry.

Our commitment to mutual success

In conjunction with the exponential growth that PATEC is experiencing, new key management positions are regularly opening up. This means with the correct mentality and skill-set, career advancement is swifter and more rewarding.


Experienced professionals

Graduates and entry-level hires


Are you interested in a new environment or a suitable career start?

PATEC is constantly seeking dedicated and motivated individuals who understand that success is as much about individual ability as it is about teamwork. We offer a diversified and dynamic work atmosphere, where you can explore, challenge and develop yourself. Our extensive personnel development programs will put you on the road towards excellence.

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