Smart Building




Sirius+ is a comprehensive insightful analytical platform to enhance automation, visualization and operational management. Its advanced analytic engine uses artificial intelligence to transform data into actionable information by identifying, prioritizing and tracking operational inefficiencies and energy waste from millions of data points every day.


From modern operations and maintenance best practices and cost-saving improvements to new energy conservation measures, Sirius+ points to prioritizes issues and their root causes for facility teams so the staff spend less time finding problems and more time fixing them.


Sirius+ provides cloud connectivity and mobility to enable access to real-time data and key performance metrics to optimize operational savings, manageability and value of building assets.

Fully developed in-house, our integrated energy management systems support sophisticated power management, energy conservation and long-term environmental sustainability. We help facility owners reduce carbon footprint and build a more sustainable and greener environment.


The end-to-end enterprise Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) module within Sirius+ provides:


  • Predictive Analytics & Maintenance
  • Performance Dashboards & Visualization
  • Prioritized Insights
  • Measured Impact
  • Expert Support
  • Scalable Customization
  • Cross-Platform Integration